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Support Us » Goodwater Orchard Fundraiser

Goodwater Orchard Fundraiser

Thank you to our Donors!

Donna Piscitello
The Smith Family
The Huslage Family
The Coffey and Kivett Family
The Peterson Family
The Shah Family
Mexican Sycamore
The Russo Family
Snickersdoodles, LLC
Randie Piscitello
The Stanila Family
The Garcia Family
The Guimaraes Family
Grace Luangisa & Ekokobe Fonkem
The Chamlee Family
Christina Stokes
Allen Gurley
The Krueger Family
The King Family
The French Family
The Strong Family
The Pencil Family
Jessica Sturdivant
Quentin & Abby's family
Stacey Mecca
Beth Arlington
Misty Brooks
Karla Norgaard
Chelsea Pfluger
Glenda Harbert
Jaeweon's Family
The Pritchard Family
The Crenshaw Family
The Konitzer Family
Katrina Sparks
The Perez Family
The Koegen Family
Katherine Anthony
Susan Perry
Arthur Alivio
Julie Sievers
The Rosas Family
The Mahon, Gaudiesus & Cromartie Family
Vithalani Family
Keith Brooks
In Honor of Ivan Gordin
April Welch
Liz Taylor
Goodwater Staff
Arlene Bauer
Lauren Yamada
Lauren Klein
Susan Kern
Eugenia Dulskaya
Ganesan Elangovan
Jessica Hobbs
The Didlake Family
Ann Leary
The Jefferson Family
The Mahon Cromartie Family
Kristin Birkholz
Carly Bell
The Clarke Family

Please Help Us Grow The Goodwater Orchard & Garden!


CAMPAIGN GOAL: $10,000 by October 31, 2018!


What: Goodwater Montessori has long-planned to establish its own student-run sustainable orchard and garden system in the acreage behind the school. The orchard and gardening programs will create a micro-economy that will involve all of the students - from age 3 and up!

Who: You! We are asking for your support this month. In return for your donation you will be recognized in the Orchard & Garden and on the Goodwater Montessori website.

When: During the month of October 2018, Goodwater will be raising the $10,000 it needs to buy supplies to install and maintain the Orchard & Garden.

How: Goodwater is partnering with Earth Repair Corps to complete the orchard portion of this project in an event called a Permablitz, scheduled for the first weekend of March of 2019. You can see more about the Permablitz and Earth Repair Corps at this link: Goodwater Montessori Earth Repair Corps Permablitz.

Project Needs: The project needs cash and supplies and equipment. The cash will be used to purchase trees, plants, fencing, irrigation, benches, tables, and storage.


We welcome and appreciate donations of ALL sizes. All donors will be recognized on the Goodwater Montessori Website. Donors over $25 will be recognized as described below.

$25 - $50: Rosemary
Recognition on the website & donor-level plaque
$51 - $100:  Blackberry
Recognition on the website & donor-level plaque
$101 - $250: Elderberry
Plant labeled with Designated Name, recognition on the website & donor-level plaque
$251 - $500: Pomegranate Tree
Small Permanent Feature (art, bird bath, etc) with Designated Name on plaque, recognition on the website & donor-level plaque
$501 - $1000: Mexican Sycamore
Large Permanent Feature (bench, table, keyhole garden, etc) with Designated Name on plaque, recognition on the website & donor-level plaque
$1001 - $2500: Oak
Donations over $1001 will receive recognition determined on an individual basis with the Donor.