Goodwater Montessori Public Charter School

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Goodwater Staff

Head of School

Nancy Gribble-Tay, B.S., M.Ed


Guides - Primary

Lesley Williams, Primary Level Leader

Nicole Bacak

Sarah Pelto

Becca Hopkins

Randie Piscitello


Guides – Lower Elementary

Justin Chapian

Susan Perry

Anne Marie Porrello

Veronica Rodriguez

Sandy Worcester


Guides – Upper Elementary

Alex Abel, Elementary Level Leader

Jenn Becker

Patrick Reagan


Guide Mentor

Chrissy Davol


Special Education/ESL

Kristen Chauncey


PE/Movement & Music

Marshal Crenshaw


Classroom Assistants

Marcia Connolly, Head Primary Assistant

Judith Kemper, Primary Guide Trained, Head Elementary Assistant

Jane Brown

Karisa Prestera

Heather Hamilton

Sue Landry

Melissa LeGrand

Jenny Ochoa

Daniel Ramirez


Dean of Business Affairs

Marcy Steward


Dean of Student Affairs

Montique Chance


Director of Admissions/PEIMS/Communications

Christi Cowden


Administrative Assistant

Michele Morales