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For Families » Dress Code 2018-19

Dress Code 2018-19

The intent of Goodwater’s dress code is to provide a safe and secure learning environment where students can concentrate on their work without focus on external appearances. A dress code helps to reduce distractions, reflect standards and expectations, instill a sense of community, ensure comfort and free movement, and level economic distinctions.

When a student comes to school wearing clothing in violation of the Dress Code, parents will be notified of the issue, not the student.

Students are expected to wear clothing that is clean, well-fitting, weather-appropriate, worn correctly, and free of rips and/or holes. The child’s name should be written on the inside of all clothing items. Commercial cartoon characters are prohibited on any clothing item and lunch box/bag. Wearing the Goodwater t-shirt is encouraged. These shirts will be sold in the school office at a reasonable price.


Tops can be t-shirts or a collared style with long or short sleeves, and in any solid color, plaid, or print. Tank tops must have 3 finger-width (fingers of the wearer) shoulder straps and not have an extra wide arm opening.  Shirts and outerwear may not display:

  • Commercial cartoon characters (comic book superheroes, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.).
  • Political, offensive, or religious messaging.


Students may wear pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses, jumpers, or capris. Tights, leggings, or shorts should be worn underneath skirts, dresses, and jumpers. Pants and shorts can be denim, khaki, cotton print or plaid, or sweatpants. The bottom edge of bottom pieces must not be higher than the wearer’s fingertips and undergarments must not be visible.

Outdoor Footwear

Footwear must be closed-toe shoes that children can put on/take off independently and are designed for active play. Shoes must be tied or fastened, cover the foot, and be worn with socks or tights. The following types of outdoor footwear are prohibited:

  • Cowboy boots, sandals and flip-flops, “Crocs,” or other backless styles.
  • Shoes that light up or make sounds, or that have dressy heels, wedges, or wheels.

Indoor Footwear

Students often work on the floor, and wear soft shoes in the classroom to promote comfort, cleanliness, and a quiet classroom environment. Please provide indoor shoes that cover the foot and that do not have cartoon characters. The slippers will stay at school. Please label all indoor shoes with sharpies or stickers.

Outerwear & Hats

Outerwear should be consistent with the weather. Students will go outside with their communities for recess daily, so please be sure they are dressed appropriately. Appropriate rainwear is a raincoat or poncho with a hood, and students should not bring umbrellas to school. Children should have warm hats on cold days and brimmed hats for sun protection on hot days. Please label all outerwear and hats with sharpies or stickers.


    • Students may not bring toys from home to school, including stuffed animals or electronic games.
    • Backpacks are unnecessary as students will not have textbooks or workbooks to transport between home and school.
    • Costume-type items such as capes, masks, tiaras, and tutus are prohibited.
    • Please limit hair accessories to only what is needed.