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Class Placements, Meet & Greet Information, Device Lending


By now you all should have received an email from your student’s guides. If you have not, please email Please note that if you have not completed the emailed registration packed (not including the additional documents) and/or the Learning Location Form for your student(s) as of Saturday, then you have not yet been assigned a class.

Also a reminder as we stated in last week’s newsletter: Siblings on the same Program Level will be in the same class this year. It is policy for this year only that we will be placing siblings in the same Community. This is for a few reasons. First, health guidelines have called for siblings to be in the same classrooms for contact tracing and exposure minimization protocols. Second, we wanted to make it easier on both parents and Guides who will be working remotely to manage schedules and communications, so we put families together in a Community.

Please note that our Communities are designated by Learning Location. If your student changes learning location during the year, it is likely that they will also change communities unless their community also changes location. This does not include the time when our in-person communities begin school after the all-remote period. Students were assigned a Community based on the Learning Location parents chose for them and we kept students with their previous Guide when it was possible.

The lists of Communities and their current Learning Locations after the all-remote period is in the email sent August 17th.



All of our Meet & Greets this year will be via Zoom. They will last no more than an hour. They will feature a presentation from the Guides as well as a chance for Q&A. Please note that this is a Program-Level event. If you have questions that you think would be more appropriate for the Administration, please feel free to email and we can answer or direct your questions to the right person.

Please see the schedule below. The clickable links for the Zoom meetings are in the August 17th email. We will record these meetings and have them available as soon as possible (but it may be a few days.)


Monday, August 17th

5 PM
Primary Remote Communities (Desert Willow & Maple)

6 PM
Lower Elementary Families with Last Names Starting with A - K


Tuesday, August 18th

5 PM
In Person Remote Communities (Cypress and Sassafras)

6 PM
Lower Elementary Families with Last Names Starting with L - Z

7 PM
All Upper Elementary Communities

Wednesday, August 19th
5 PM
Bluebonnet Community


If you indicated on the Learning Location Form that your family needs a device, you will be receiving an email from Goodwater Tech Support with more information. Device Pickup will be Wednesday, August 19th.


Our Remote classwork will be organized via Google Classroom. All students will be receiving login information in the next few days.

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